To reach this German Military Cemetery take the N8 main road from Menen towards Kortrijk. Just after the junction with the N32 you will see signs taking you left and countrywards. Immediately after the railway line you will come to the cemetery.

The small chapel in the cemetery

The small chapel in the cemetery


Historical Information

One of the granite plaques

One of the granite plaques

Not far from the French border the Soldatenfriedhof at Menen is the largest in Belgium with the tombs of 47,864 soldiers.

Visitors to Commonwealth Cemeteries in Belgium will always note the inscription that the land has been donated in perpetuity, in remembrance of the sacrifice to save Belgium.

The situation for the quarter of a million German dead from the battles in West Flanders is somewhat different. Originally the Soldatenfriedhofs were as numerous on the ground as Britain's. However the territory was rented and initially for only 30 years.

After the Second World War an agreement was reached between the two governments and Belgium allowed four cemeteries which would act as concentration cemeteries. This land has also been given on a permanent basis.

The inside of the chapel shows a number of mosaics containing motifs from the Bible.

Originally the cemetery held only 6 340 graves but was increased in line with the policy of concentration from smaller cemeteries.

The entrance gate contains the register and leads directly out into the cemetery and towards a small chapel.

The names are engraved on plates of Belgian granite - twenty to a plaque

Names of the locations of the other cemeteries Marker blocks

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The other three Soldatenfriedhof are situated at:

Langemark Langemark
Vladslo Vladslo
Hooglede Hooglede