Canadian Cemetery No 2


Neuville-St Vaast is a village about 6 kilometres north of Arras and 1 kilometre east of the main road from Arras to Bethune.

In French, the general rule is that you do not pronounce a final consonant. St Vaast is therefore closer to Sain Va than Saint Vast. Watch out for female saints: Ste Jeanne (Sainte) the 'e' on the end, which makes it feminine, means that the 't' will be pronounced.

Canadian Cemetery No 2

The Cemetery is within the Canadian National Vimy Memorial Park, which is north of Neuville-St Vaast. The main entrance to the Park is signposted from the Arras to Lens road (N17).

Notre Dame de Lorette

Notre Dame de Lorette on the hill opposite Vimy Ridge

Historical Information

The cemetery was established by the Canadian Corps after the successful storming of Vimy Ridge on 9th April 1917 and some of those buried in the cemetery fell in that battle or died of wounds received there, though the majority of the graves were made later for the burial of the dead recovered from surrounding battlefields and from isolated graves which were transferred into the cemetery over a period of years after the Armistice.

Canadian Cemetery No 2

The cemetery covers an area of 10 869 square metres and is enclosed by low walls of coursed stone.

There are nearly 3 000, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site.

29 Canadian soldiers buried at the time in the 11th Canadian Infantry Brigade Cemetery, Givenchy-en Gohelle and the Canadian cemetery near Gunner's Crater, Givenchy-en-Gohelle but whose graves are now lost are commemorated by special memorial headstones, inscribed to this effect with the additional quotation,
Their Glory shall not be blotted out.

Private G Garrett

Private G Garrett 178176
87th Bn Canadian Infantry
Québec Regiment
Died on 8th April 1917 aged 34
Son of William and Sarah Garrett, of Haldimand West, Gaspe Co., Province of Quebec, Canada

Grave: I C 49

Rifleman James Clancy

Rifleman James Clancy S/20494
3rd Bn Rifle Brigade
Died on 14th April 1917 aged 20
Son of Daniel and Lucy Clancy, of 11, Lower Pellipar Rd, Woolwich, London

Grave: VII A 1

Private Arthur Dale

Private Arthur Dale 1550
1/5th Bn North Staffordshire Regiment
Died on 13th October 1915 aged 21
Son of Martin and Jane Dale, of 1, School Lane, Kidsgrove, Staffordshire

His 19 year old brother, Private Fred Dale of the same battalion was also killed that day. He is commemorated on Panel 103 of the Loos Memorial.

Grave: VIII G 3

Private W White

Private Ernest White 434353
10th Bn Canadian Machine Gun Corps
Died on 11th April 1917 aged 20
Son of Samuel and Emily White, of 20 Lawn Rd, Uxbridge, Middlesex.

His 33 year old brother Corporal George White 434115 of the 4th Bn CMGC was also killed that day and is buried in Givenchy Road Cemetery: A 20.

Grave: III A 29

Private Charles Milligan

Private Charles Milligan 43619
10th Bn The Cameronians
Scottish Rifles
Died on 3rd June 1917 aged 20

Shot at Dawn for Desertion

Milligan had been conscripted in February 1916 and had already been sentenced to a year's hard labour (suspended) in October. In the spring of 1917 he was once again convicted for disobedience but this time got of lightly with just 42 days No 1 Field punishment (The offender was tied up in public for so many hours a day).

As his battalion went into battle at Arras on the 9th April 1917, Milligan went absent. He was arrested on the 14th and sent for court martial on the 5th May.

The Brigade commander took a dim view of Milligan's conduct and recommended the court's death sentence.

Grave: XIX A 14

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