Gordon Cemetery


Mametz is a village 6 kilometres east of Albert. The Cemetery is located on the Albert-Maricourt road, due south of Mametz village and 4 kilometres west of Maricourt.

Apart from the town of Metz itself which does pronounce the 'z' other town names which finish with this syllable are pronounced -may. So Mametz becomes Ma-may, Beaumetz is Bo-may.

This unusual cemetery is within easy walking distance of the Devonshire Cemetery, and lies on the left of the road as you leave Mametz.

Gordon Cemetery

Historical Information

Mametz was within the German lines until the 1st July 1916, when it was captured by the 7th Division; and Mametz Wood, North-East of the village, was taken on the 7th July and the following days.

The 7th Division erected a memorial in the village, and the 14th and 16th Royal Welch Fusiliers erected memorials in the wood, to commemorate these engagements. (The 38th (Welsh) Division captured the wood again in August 1918.)

Gordon Cemetery

Gordon Cemetery, is another battle cemetery of the 1st July 1916. The 2nd Gordon Highlanders, also of the 7th Division, buried here in the British support trench men who fell on the 9th July.

There are now 102 Commonwealth burials of the 1914-18 war commemorated in this site. Of these, 5 are unidentified, 4 are known to be men of the 2nd Bn Gordon Highlanders and 1 of the Royal Artillery.

The cemetery covers an area of 349 square metres and is enclosed by a low brick wall.

The cemetery contains 99 men from the 2nd Gordons. The gravestones are arranged in semi circles around the central cross.

The battalion was attacking to the right of the road towards the village cemetery and the left hand side of the village in the general area of the old Railway Halte.

Gordon Cemetery

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