Sunken Road


Villers-Plouich is a village in the Department of the Nord, 2 kilometres north of Gouzeaucourt which is 19 kilometres north-east of Peronne on the D917 and 16 kilometres south-west of Cambrai (N44/D917). This small Cemetery is signposted to the left as you pass the Villers Plouich Mairie (Town Hall) on the D56 from direction Gouzeaucourt. It lies 500 metres past this signpost as you ascend a small unmarked road which eventually would lead to the hamlet of Beaucamp.

Sunken Road Cemetery

Historical Information

Villers-Plouich was captured in April 1917, by the 13th East Surreys; lost in March 1918; and regained at the end of the following September, when the 1st East Surreys were the first troops to enter the village. It was later adopted by the Borough of Wandsworth.

Sunken Road Cemetery

There are now over 50, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, a small number are unidentified.

The cemetery covers an area of 257 square metres and is enclosed on three sides by a low rubble wall.

Hilton Williamson MM and Bar

TZ 1277 Petty Officer
Hilton Williamson MM and Bar
189th Trench Mortar Battery
Royal Naval Division
Died on 30 the December 1917 aged 21
Son of George and Elizabeth Williamson, of 65 Napier Rd, Swalwell-on-Tyne, Co. Durham

Grave: A 45


There are two other cemeteries in the village. Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery lies to the east of the village on the south side of the road to the small village of La Vacquerie. The Communal Cemetery is situated on the road towards Marcoing. There you will find Baron Manfred von Richthofen's first victim: Captain Tom Rees RFC.

Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery
Villers-Plouich Communal Cemetery Villers-Plouich Communal Cemetery
Cambrai 1917 Cambrai 1917