Ten Tree Alley


Using the D 919 from Arras to Amiens you will drive through the villages of Bucquoy, Puisieux then Serre Les Puisieux (approximately 20 kilometres south of Arras). Immediately on leaving the village, take the small lane on the left hand side and continue for a further 1 kilometre where a CWGC signpost will lead you to Ten Tree Alley Cemetery on the left side.

Ten Tree Alley Cemetery

Historical Information

Puisieux village was captured by British troops on the 28th February 1917, lost on the 26th March 1918 and recovered on the following 21st August.

Ten Tree Alley Cemetery

Ten Tree Alley was made by the V Corps (as Ten Tree Alley Cemetery No 2, V Corps Cemetery No 24) in 1917; it stood beside a former German trench, captured by the 32nd Division on the night of the 10th-11th February 1917.

There are now nearly 70, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, over 20 are unidentified.

A row of soldiers from the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

The Cemetery covers an area of 250 square metres, without the access path and is enclosed by a rubble wall.