Wanquetin is a village approximately 12 kilometres west of Arras and approximately 6 kilometres north of Beaumetz. Wanquetin Communal Cemetery lies to the north-east of the village on the road to Warlus (D59)

The Extension

Historical Information

A few burials were made in the communal cemetery from March to November 1916, but in October 1916, the 41st Casualty Clearing Station came to the village, and by the end of November it had become necessary to begin the extension.

The Extension

The last graves made in the cemetery were those in Plot II, Row E, where 23 men of the 3rd Canadian Machine Gun Battalion, killed on 24 September 1918 in a German daylight air raid over Warlus, are buried.

The communal cemetery contains eight Commonwealth burials of the First World War, the extension 222.

The extension also contains nine Second World War burials from May 1940. The extension was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield.

The Extension
Joseph Kaeble VC MM

889958 Corporal Joseph Kaeble VC MM
22nd Bn Canadian Infantry
Québec Regiment
Died on 9th June 1918 aged 26
Son of Mrs Joseph Kaeble, of Sayabec, Matane Co, Province of Quebec

Mort glorieusement
Au champs de bataille
A Neuville Vitasse, Arras

London Gazette Supplement No 30903,
dated 16th September 1918

For most conspicuous bravery and extraordinary devotion to duty when in charge of a Lewis gun section in the front line trenches, in which a strong enemy raid was attempted. During an intense bombardment Corporal Kaeble remained at the parapet with his Lewis gun shouldered ready for action, the field of fire being very short. As soon as the barrage lifted from the front line, about fifty of the enemy advanced towards his post. By this time the whole of his section except one had become casualties.

Corporal Kaeble jumped over the parapet, and holding his Lewis gun at the hip, emptied one magazine after another into the advancing enemy, and although wounded several times by fragments of shells and bombs, he continued to fire and entirely blocked the enemy by his determined stand. Finally, firing all the time, he fell backwards into the trench mortally wounded.

While lying on his back in the trench he fired his last cartridges over the parapet at the retreating Germans, and before losing consciousness shouted to the wounded about him: "Keep it up, boys; do not let them get through! We must stop them !" The complete repulse of the enemy attack at this point was due to the remarkable personal bravery and self-sacrifice of this gallant non-commissioned officer, who died of his wounds shortly afterwards.

Grave: II A 8

John Keddie

Private John Keddie 859543
16th Bn Canadian Infantry
Manitoba Regiment
Died on 28th July 1918 aged 29
Son of Thomas and Sarah Keddie, of Heatherlie, Selkirk, Scotland
Husband of Agnes Keddie, of 503, Nairn Avenue, Elmwood, Winnipeg

And from the ground
There blossoms red
Life that shall endless be

Grave: II B 24

Private J Collie

Private J Collie 928739
18th Bn Canadian Infantry
Western Ontario Regiment
Died on 18th July 1918 aged 35
Son of David and Jean Cooper Collie

Grave: II B 20

Joseph Ferguson

Private Joseph Ferguson 10930
1st Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers
Died on 20th April 1917 aged 21
Son of Mrs Theresa Ferguson, of 16, Brook Street, Dundee

Shot at Dawn for Desertion

A regular soldier, Ferguson already had a number of convictions and had received a suspended death sentence for a previous act of desertion. In October 1916 he deserted once again whilst on the Somme and managed to elude the authorities until 27 January 1917 when he was arrested at Ribemont near Albert wearing a chest full of medals that didn't belong to him. With previous convictions the High Command were less than sympathetic to his case.

Grave: I C 13


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