The Memorial to the US 1st Division

1st Division Memorial at Buzancy

All First World War, US 1st Division Monuments are located in France and are of the same design as this monument at Buzancy.

The memorial commemorates the part played by the US 1st Division in the battle for Soissons at the end of the 2nd Battle of the Marne in 1918.

The bronze plaque recounts how in the course of General Mangin's great counter attack the 1st Division advanced 11 kilometres into the German lines taking the village of Berzy-le-Sec and arriving here just in front of Buzancy.

The Division lost 2 213 men killed and 6 347 men wounded in the four days that they were fighting.

They were in fact relieved by the 15th (Scottish) Division on 22 July whose memorial can now be found in the Buzancy Military Cemetery.

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