Bois des Caures

The area today

Driant became a hero overnight and today you will find memorials to him and his men in the Bois des Caures.

There is a good parking area (with picnic table) in easy walking distance of the main sites connected with Driant. There is a very informative notice board with photos, a brief history and suggested walking routes.

Lt Colonel Driant's Original Grave

Lt Colonel Driant's Original Grave


The monuments

The Driant Memorial

The Driant Memorial

The Chasseurs Memorial

The Chasseurs Memorial

The Germans initially buried Driant's body in the wood. His personal effects were returned to his widow (via Switzerland) by wife (a Baroness) of the Officer who had found him.

Later his body was re-interred by the French at the place where he fell.

This is the first of the two that you will reach by the way.

The memorial was built by a committee of his old soldiers presided over by General de Castelnau.

Finally a memorial was raised to The Colonel and his two battalions on the main road.

In the wood behind this last memorial you will find his command post (PC: Poste de Commandement) a simple concrete bunker.

Driant's Command Post

Notice the names of the Chasseur officers on the rear of each pillar round the front.

Most of the pathways are in good order, but if it is wet underfoot, good boots are going to be the order of the day. These photos were taken in a very hot and dry week in August.

Where vehicles had driven through the forest though, the tracks were filled with water, vividly illustrating just how wet the underlying area is.

The Battle for the Bois des Caures The Battle for the Bois des Caures