34th Division

Memorial at Langemark

Just behind the German Military Cemetery at Langemark you will find this monument and bunker dedicated to the Engineers and Artillery of the 34th Division.

The Memorial and Bunker

The checkerboard was the symbol of the Division and can be found on all of their monuments.

The bunker was part of the same line of defence as those that can be seen in Langemark Soldatenfriedhof. It was captured in September 1918 and used as an Advanced Dressing Station under the command of Robert Lawrence the brother of T E Lawrence (Better known to most people as Lawrence of Arabia).

During the 3rd and 4th Battles of Ypres the ground was so churned by the shells that these bunkers were all that didn't sink into the mire and mud.

The famous photos of Passchendaele with its duckboard walkways, highlight well that to lose one's way and fall off the wooden paths often meant drowning in the sea of mud.

The Engineers Cap Badge

The main inscription on the obelisk reads:

To the glory of God
And in memory of
The Officers, Warrant and
Non Commissioned Officers
And men of the Artillery
And Engineers of the 34th
British Division who fought
Near this spot
October - November 1917

On the sides are detailed the units involved.

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