Van Raemdonck Monument


The monument is reasonably easily accessed but does require a five minute walk along the canal bank.

The monument to the Van Raemdonck Brothers

The monument to the Van Raemdonck Brothers

Coming out of Ieper along the N 369 you will pass Essex Farm Cemetery on your right. Continue towards Boezinge and Diksmuide. A few minutes after Boezinge you will come across a large Metal Cross on your left. This is the Franco Belgian Gas Memorial.

The plaque on the bunker

The plaque on the bunker

Immediately after the cross and just before the bridge and café there is a small car park on the left. This is as good a place to stop and visit all the wee memorials in this immediate area.

Cross the canal by the bridge turning left along the canal bank (There are steps this side of the road or a sloping path round the back of the café)

This is a cycle track as well so beware. After about a five minute dander you will see the remains of the bunker and monument in a field on your right.

The Van Raemdonck brothers had been sergeants in the 6th Company of the 24th Linie Regiment. Edward was 22 years old and Frans 20.

On 26 March 1917 they were required to cross over the Ieperlee Canal on a prisoner taking patrol against a German position known as the Stampkopstelungen.

In a hail of bullets Frans fell and nothing could prevent Edward from trying to get him back.

More than two weeks later the two brothers were found together, alongside another soldier: Soldat Aimé Fievez (a Walloon - French speaking Belgian).

The fate of the brothers struck a note and they and Fievez were later buried in the crypt of the IJzertor in the same grave.

The IJzertor The IJzertor at Diksmuide
The Monument

The monument was inaugurated on 19 August 1933 and is situated in what would, at the time, have been no-mans land. It is constructed from blocks from the Stampkop itself.

The canal on the left and monument on the right

The canal on the left and monument on the right


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