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Webmatters : Lochnagar Mine: Service of Remembrance 1st July 2010
Rough Map of Area


The 94th Anniversary

Commemoration Service

Each year at 0730 hours the Friends of Lochnagar hold a short service of remembrance up at the cross.

Here are a few photos from the service in 2010 which turned out to be a chilly and misty morning — but at least the rain stayed off.


Richard Dunning The Lochnagar Crater Standards and the Cross Part of the gathering in 2010 The opening address Following the ceremony A hot balmy morning French and Welsh Cadets A moment's thought Mick Fellows reads one of his father's poems Most of the wreaths are for individuals The wreaths The Somme Battlefield Pipe Band Standard bearers Gendarmes A Canadian in uniform Leaving the ceremony

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Applause following the commemoration

You can’t take a photo holding hands around a crater
But this was just afterwards: the cadets applaud