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Albert Communal Cemetery Extension


Albert is a town 28 Kms north-east of Amiens. The Communal Cemetery is on the south-east side of Albert and at the junction of the roads to Peronne (D938) and Bray sur Somme (D329), and the extension is entirely enclosed by it. The main entrance to the cemetery is on the Peronne road (rue du 11 Novembre).

Parking is very limited. There are places on the rue du 11 Novembre at the main entrance to the civil cemetery and a couple more further down near the Extension entrance.

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Albert Communal Cemetery Extension


Historical Information

Albert was held by French forces against the German advance on the Somme in September 1914. It passed into British hands in the summer of 1915; and the first fighting in July 1916, is known as the Battle of Albert, 1916. It was captured by the Germans on the 26th April 1918, and before its recapture by the 8th East Surreys on the following 22nd August (in the Battle of Albert, 1918,) it had been completely destroyed by artillery fire.

The Extension was used by fighting units and Field Ambulances from August 1915 to November 1916, and more particularly in and after September 1916, when Field Ambulances were concentrated at Albert. From November 1916, the 5th Casualty Clearing Station used it for two months. From March 1917, it was not used (except for four burials in March 1918) until the end of August 1918, when Plot II was made by the 18th Division.

Men from the 10th Bn Essex Regiment

A collective grave of soldiers from the 10th Bn Essex Regiment

During the Second World War the extension was used again, when the French moved into it British casualties from isolated graves in and around Albert.

There are now 862 First World War and 25 Second World War casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, 12 First World War casualties and 8 Second World War casualties are unidentified. Five graves, destroyed by shellfire, are now represented by special memorials. Two soldiers known to be among the casualties buried here, but whose graves could not be identified, are commemorated by special memorials, inscribed, Known to be buried in this cemetery.

This cemetery was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens.


Lt Colonel Victor Buchanan DSO

Lt Colonel Victor Buchanan DSO
13th Bn Canadian Infantry
Royal Highlanders of Canada
Died on 26th September 1916 aged 47
Son of William and Ellen Buchanan
of Montreal
Husband of Maggie S. Buchanan
of 756, Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal

Grave: I P 24

Lieutenant Everett Currier

Lieutenant Everett Currier
Borden’s Motor Machine Gun Battery
Canadian Machine Gun Corps
Died on 26th September 1916 aged 34
Son of James and Florence Currier
Born at Ottawa

Grave: I O 3

Lance Corporal Ian Lawrance

Lance Corporal Ian Lawrance 400960
15th Bn Canadian Infantry
48th Highlanders of Canada
Died on 20th September 1916 aged 25
Son of William and Annie Lawrance
of Dorchester, Middlesex Co., Ontario
Born at Aylmer, Ontario

Grave: I O 25

Brigadier General Henry Clifford

Brigadier General Henry Clifford
149th Infantry Brigade
Died on 11th September 1916 aged 49
Son of Major General
The Hon. Sir Henry Clifford, VC, KCMG, CB

Grave: I L 1

Lieutenant Augustus Stevenson

Lieutenant Augustus Stevenson
15th Bn Canadian Infantry
48th Highlanders of Canada
Died on 7th September 1916 aged 25
Son of Richard and Alice Stevenson
of Ancaster, Ontario

Grave: I M 10

Private Robert Taylor

Private Robert Taylor 23/632
23rd Bn Northumberland Fusiliers
Tyneside Scottish
Died on 7th July 1916 aged 50
Husband of Ann Taylor
of 67, Maple St., Hirst, Ashington, Northumberland

Grave: I D 30

O winds of heaven
Blow softly o’er
This sweet and hallowed spot

Major William Edmond-Jenkins

Major William Edmond-Jenkins
25th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers
Tyneside Irish
Died on 1st July 1916 aged 35
Son of William and Katherine Edmond-Jenkins

Grave: I C 30


Shot at Dawn

Private Henry Palmer

Private Henry Palmer 3057
1/5th Bn Northumbrerland Fusiliers
Died on 27th October 1916
Son of Mrs. Phyllis Palmer
of 171, Station Road, Wallsend.

Grave: I P 65

Shot at Dawn for desertion

On 1st October 1916 Palmer’s battalion was involved in fighting at Le Sars. They went over the top at 1515 hours, Palmer still with them. At that point he seems to have disappeared from the front. The objectives were taken but the battalion remained in their newly won positions.

The following day Palmer was noted in the rear area heading for the front; when in theory he should already have been there. When later questioned, he stated that his knee had been injured though not badly enough to need medical attention.

The court found him guilty of desertion but put forward a plea for mercy on the grounds that Palmer was obviously of low intellect. The plea for clemency was evidently overlooked/ignored at higher echelon.

Pioneer Ernest Beeby

Pioneer Ernest Beeby 89173
212th Company
Royal Engineers
Died on 9th December 1916

Grave: I R 43

Shot at Dawn for desertion

Beeby managed to make his way back to the coast where he joined a group of soldiers heading on leave. Unfortunately his subterfuge did not play off and he was revealed as a deserter.

He had a long list of previous offences including one of desertion. He was described as a worthless soldier who had spent long periods on the sick and had never been at the front.


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