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Albert French National Cemetery


Albert is a town 28 kilometres north-east of Amiens. Albert French National Cemetery is about 1 kilometre from the town, on the north side of the Peronne road (D938).

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Necropole Nationale d'Albert


Historical Information

Albert was held by French forces against the German advance on the Somme in September 1914. It passed into British hands in the summer of 1915; and the first fighting in July 1916, is known as the Battle of Albert, 1916. It was captured by the Germans on the 26th April 1918, and before its recapture by the 8th East Surreys on the following 22nd August (in the Battle of Albert, 1918,) it had been completely destroyed by artillery fire.

Necropole Nationale d'Albert

A memorial plaque to those soldiers known to be included within the mass graves

The single Commonwealth grace, a man of the Chinese Labour Corps is located in the top right quarter of the Cemetery. It is marked by a standard Commission headstone.

The cemetery contains the graves of 6,293 French soldiers with 2,881 of them lying in four mass graves.

Like many French Military Cemeteries this is a concentration cemetery with casualties being brought from the surrounding area. Forty-nine of the burials were originally situated in Point 110 Old CWGC Cemetery.

Necropole Nationale d'Albert

Mass graves to the rear of the cemetery


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