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Crécy-en-Ponthieu Communal Cemetery


Crécy-en-Ponthieu Communal Cemetery is situated within the town on a side road from the D 938 towards Rue. From the village square follow the road towards Rue to the next junction on your left sign posted Forest L’Abbaye. Immediately on your right, tucked between houses is a small lane way, sign posted Cimetière and Déchetterie. The cemetery will be found at the top of this lane.

To leave the cemetery you follow the road system to the right, past the Déchetterie (Recycling centre) turning left at the next junction. This brings you out at the Fire Station. Turn left towards Crécy or right for the coast.

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Crécy-en-Ponthieu Communal Cemetery


Historical Information

The Bohemian Cross at Crecy en Ponthieu
The Bohemian Cross

Crécy-en-Ponthieu Communal Cemetery contains two Commonwealth burials of the First World War.

Crécy was the site of the famous battle at the start of the Hundred Years War between Edward III and Philippe VI of France in 1346.

One interesting connection to the First World War is the memorial on the D56 Fontaine sur Maye road. This commemorates the King of Bohemia’s part in the battle as an ally of France. Elderly and blind he was killed whilst attacking the Black Prince’s position on the hill.

Much impressed by his valour the Black Prince not only took the three feathers from his helmet but also his motto Ich Dien as those of the Prince of Wales, symbols that have remained Welsh ever since.

In the Czechoslovak cemetery near Vimy ridge you will find a copy of the Bohemian Cross marking centuries of friendship between the two nations.

In Crécy town square is a small monument raised in 1189 by Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England and Countess of Ponthieu, on behalf of her two sons who had gone off to the third Crusade: Richard I The Lionheart, and his brother John (Of Magna Carta and Robin Hood fame).

There is a small museum near the church which explains much about the battle of Crécy and also numerous interesting models and explanations concerning the almost completely intact V1 Buzz Bomb site in the woods at Ligescourt, a five minute drive away.


Crécy-en-Ponthieu Communal Cemetery

Driver Francis Lowe 99690
“V” Battery Royal Horse Artillery
Private William Funnell M2/117470
Army Service Corps
Royal Engineers
Mechanical Transport
“D” Army Corps Signal Coy
Died on 22nd October 1916 Died on 7th February 1917 aged 23
Son of Thomas and Eliza Funnell
of Hartham Cottage, Corsham, Wilts


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