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Bray sur Somme


Bray-sur-Somme is a village about 9 kilometres south-east of Albert. Bray Soldaten Friedhof is at the western edge of the village on the D1 towards Corbie. It is sign posted from the main square. As you reach the edge of the town going up the hill you will some parking spaces on your right and a further sign for the cemetery. The side is a one way street. Park on the main road and walk.

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Bray Soldaten Friedhof


Historical Information

Bray Soldaten Friedhof

In 1924, the French military authorities extended the original 1918 burial ground by concentrating a further 200 German war dead from five surrounding community areas. The majority of the casualties belonged to units of troops whose homeland garrisons were in Baden, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Westphalia and W├╝rttemberg.

There are a total of 1,119 burials within the cemetery. Of the 1,076 dead in individual graves, three remained are unknown (Unbekannt). A mass grave holds a further forty-three burials of which only fifteen are identified, on a plaque.

There are five Jewish graves within the cemetery marked by a headstone rather than a bronze cross.

As with many of the German burial grounds you will notice that each cross represents more than one soldier. Often it is four to a cross with a name on each section of the cross and on either side.


Musketier Wilhelm Ludwigs

Musketier Wilhelm Ludwigs
Died on 10th June 1918

Grave: 175


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