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Gézaincourt Communal Cemetery


Gézaincourt is a village a little south-west of the town of Doullens, halfway between the main roads from Doullens to Abbeville and Doullens to Amiens. The Communal Cemetery and Extension are on the east side of the village. There is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission signpost outside Doullens on the road towards Amiens.

On the main road between Doullens and Amiens you will see an old commercial centre and a sign for the village of Gézaincourt. Take this road and continue into and through the village.

A sign indicating the Cimetière Anglais takes you up a side road to the right mounting a hill. Continue to the top and the village cemetery parking bay. There are signs warning of thefts in the area.

Gézaincourt Communal Cemetery


Historical Information

The Extension was opened in March 1916, and used until March 1917, and again from March to October 1918.

The burials were carried out, in most cases, from Casualty Clearing Stations and (in June to August 1918) from the 3rd Canadian Stationary Hospital (Based in the Citadel at Doullens).

There are now over 600, 1914-18 and nearly 10, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated in this site.

The Cemetery Extension covers an area of 2 412 square metres.

Gézaincourt Communal Cemetery


In the Communal Cemetery

Private Albert Horwood

Private Albert Horwood 16874
1st Bn Hampshire Regiment
Died on 5th December 1915 aged 17
Son of Harold and Mary Horwood
of 3 Flat, Village Park House, Pope’s Lane
South Ealing, London

In ever loving memory
Of our dear son

Grave: A 4


In the cemetery Extension

Private Leonard Giddings

Private Leonard Giddings 18384
1st Bn Essex Regiment
Died on 2nd July 1916 aged 17
Only son of William and Ada Giddings
of 6, Abbeygate St, Colchester, Essex

Grave: I G 1

Gunner B Mingay

Gunner B Mingay 636818
48th Bde Royal Field Artillery
Died on 29th March 1918 aged 17
Son of Noah and Matilda Mingay
of The Reeds Frensham, Farnham, Surrey

God bless my brave son

Grave: I H 12

Private Walter Cooper

Private Walter Cooper 9222
1st Bn East Yorkshire Regiment
Died on 2nd August 1918 aged 31
Son of Mr and Mrs John Cooper
of 9 Kilburn Terrace, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts

The midnight stars
Are Gleaming
On the grave
Of those so dear

Grave: II O 14

2nd Lieutenant John Norwood

2nd Lieutenant John Norwood
4th Bn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Died on 22nd July 1916 aged 24
Son of John and Maria Norwood
of 24, Leven St., Pollokshields, Glasgow

He loved Chyvalrye:
Trouthe and Honour
Freedom and Courtesie

[Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales]

Grave: I C 12


Anderson and Kidd

Private William Anderson 9828
5th Bn Dorsetshire Regiment
Died on 31st March 1917 aged 21
Son of William Anderson
of 65, Fanshawe Avenue, Barking, Essex
Major Vivian Kidd MC
8th Bn Duke of Wellington’s Regiment
Died on 21st March 1917 aged 29
Husband of Phyllis Kidd
of 45, Cross Fleet Row, Beeston, Leeds
Shot at Dawn for Desertion Lo I am with you always
Thy will. Not mine. O Lord
Grave: I P 1 Grave: I P 2

Private William Anderson had been with his battalion since landing at Gallipoli in September 1915. Hardly there, he was charged with disobedience and given three months Field Punishment No 1 (Where the offender would be tied up in full view for a given period every day).

When the battalion pulled out of Gallipoli Anderson came into conflict with the system once again and was given 112 days detention for having been Absent Without Leave (AWOL). As the battalion was not in the line this would have been a period of imprisonment that he served.

He arrived on the Somme in July 1916 just after the great battle had begun.

Having served with some steadiness during the latter stages of the battle, he and a fellow soldier made off on 1st January 1917 whilst the battalion was taking part in an attack along the Ancre Valley. The two soldiers managed to make their way back to Barking where the pair lived. Here they were arrested on the 30th and shipped back to France.

Anderson’s trial took place on the 9th March 1917 and he stood little chance of leniency given his previous record. He was shot and buried at Beauquesne (15 km to the south east) on the 31st March.

His grave would be consolidated into Gézaincourt in 1935.

His fellow absentee: Private John Lewis is buried in Forceville Communal Cemetery having been shot on the 19th April 1917. Grave III E 2


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