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Webmatters : Lochnagar Mine: Service of Remembrance 1st July 2012
Rough Map of Area


The 96th Anniversary

Commemoration Service

Each year at 0730 hours the Friends of Lochnagar hold a short service of remembrance up at the cross.

Here are a few photos from the service in 2012 which despite the forecast managed to remain fine.

An interesting addition to the service this year was the idea of telling those around you why you were there and if it was for a casualty : whom. For the third year a ring was formed around the rim of the crater at the end of the proceedings.

The Lochnagar Crater Waiting on the whistles An ULM flies overhead for a better view At 0730 hours the ceremony commences Listening to the opening address Chaplain Pastor John Pressdee The weather can do anything so people come prepared The Lochnagar Crater Abide with me Leading the prayers in German and French Exchanging names of the fallen Musical accompaniment during the throwing of poppy petals Distributing the poppy petals They wouldn't share the joke The German trumpeter entertains The new tradition of forming a circle around the crater rim Marching past the poppies

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