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Webmatters : 1st Bn KOSB - Newfoundland Regiment attack 1st July 1916
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War Diary

1st Bn King’s Own Scottish Borderers

Saturday 1st July 1916

Report from Capt G E Malcolm
1st Bn KOSB


I have the honour to make the following report.

On the morning of Z day at 0.20 D Coy received the whistle signal to advance.

On leaving the trenches they came under very heavy machine gun fire. The company moved forward in platoons in column of sections in single file. No 13 Platoon on the left and No 16 on the right. At 60 yards from our own trenches I gave the signal to lie down as I intended to make the right wheel on to our objective at that point and C Coy and the Border Regt were not yet in position. Owing to casualties I had 3 men of No 13 (2 wounded) and 1 of No 14 Platoon left. I could see no one of other platoons.

At 0.35 I sent a message to the Adjutant 1st KOSB by Private Douglas stating estimated casualties.

At 1.00 a Company of Newfoundland Regt 40 strong came up without officers. I gave the signal to my company to advance and took command. I hoped to get a footing in the enemy trenches and hinder the machine gun fire.

I was wounded 60 yards from the enemy trenches. The advance ceased 20 yards further on.

I should like to congratulate the Newfoundland Regiment on their extreme steadiness under trying conditions.

(Signed) G E Malcolm Captain
OC D Coy 1st K.O.S.B.