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Webmatters : 2nd Battle of Ypres: 24th May 1915

2nd Ypres

The situation at the end of 2nd Ypres

Please Note: The positioning of the Allied and German Front Lines is intended as a guide only.

Map: Gas Attack at Langemark | Map: Gas Attack at St Juliaan | Map: 30th April 1915
Map: General area of gas attacks

Gas Attack: 22nd April 1915 | Gas Attack: 24th April 1915
Canadian Memorial | Carrefour des roses | Steenstraat Memorials
48th Highlanders of Canada | PPCLI Frezenberg

Essex Farm Cemetery | Dochy Farm New British Cemetery | Tyne Cot Cemetery
French Cemetery: St Charles de Potyze | Langemark Soldatenfriedhof