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Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery


Mazingarbe is a small town located in the Pas de Calais between the larger town of Lens and Bethune.

Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery and Extension is situated adjacent to the Sains-en-Gohelle road from Mazingarbe on the D75, which can be reached from two major roads, the D932 Arras to Bethune road, and the N43 Lens to Bethune road.

There are signposts to the cemetery visible in the centre of Mazingarbe town and on the D75 road. Access to the cemetery and parking is best obtained by taking a small side street off the D75. It should be noted that a one-way system is permanently in operation in Mazingarbe town.

The War Graves will be found in two parts of the Communal Cemetery and, as with all town cemeteries, opening hours must be observed.

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Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery

Note that the numbering of graves in the Communal Cemetery starts closest to the gate. Although the Rows are lettered off as usual, the graves are in fact numbered in sequential order.

Graves 106 – 108 are just inside the gate near the French soldiers.
The rows of graves are then 5 to 10 graves each. Thus Row B contains graves 6 through 10.
Graves 92 through 97 are at the far end at the intersecting footpath.
Graves 102 to 104 are a little further up in a cluster.

At the far end and on the right you will see the extension.


Historical Information

Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery was used by units and field ambulances from June 1915 to February 1916. It contains 108 Commonwealth burials of the First World War and 24 French war graves.

The adjoining Communal Cemetery Extension was begun by the 16th (Irish) Division in April 1916 and was used until October 1918. It contains 248 Commonwealth burials of the First World War and two German graves.

Mazingarbe is noted for the number of executed soldiers within its boundary

The British plot


Robert Dunsire VC

18274 Corporal Robert Dunsire VC
13th Bn Royal Scots
Died on 30th January 1916 aged 24
Born at Buckhaven.
Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Dunsire
Husband of Catherine Dunsire
of 107, Denbeath, Methil, Fife.

Grave: 18

The London Gazette No 29371
Dated 16th November 1915

For most conspicuous bravery on Hill 70 on 26th September 1915. Private Dunsire went out under very heavy fire and rescued a wounded man from between the firing lines.

Later, when another man considerably nearer the German lines was heard shouting for help, he crawled out again with utter disregard to the enemy’s fire and carried him in also. Shortly afterwards the Germans attacked over this ground.


Lt Colonel Augustus Allenby

Lt Colonel Augustus Allenby
7th Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers
Died on 7th August 1915 aged 52
Son of Major R Allenby, JP, of York
Husband of Madge Allenby
of 35, St. Stephen’s Rd, Ealing, London

Lt Colonel Harry Maclear DSO

Lt Colonel Harry Maclear DSO
East Lancashire Regiment
Commanding 13th Bn Royal Scots
Died on 15th March 1916 aged 44
Son of Henry Mary Maclear
Husband of Beatrice Maclear
of 2, Warwick Avenue, Bedford

Grave: 107A

Captain Cyril Horne

Captain Cyril Horne
7th Bn King’s Own Scottish Borderers
Died on 27th January 1916 aged 29
Son of Alfred and Caroline Horne
Husband of Marie Horne
of Woodhurst, Maidenhead, Berks
Native of Ireland.

“A grim gray tribute
Of memory
Is all that we have left to give”

Grave: 20


French graves and monument

French war graves

To the right of the main gate is an interesting monument and small collection of graves of French soldiers killed in various combat zones including Indochina and Algeria.

The First World War casualties near the British plot have taller than usual French crosses, and include a number of officers.

Lt Colonel Gaston Devuns

Lt Colonel Gaston Devuns
125e Régiment d’Infanterie
Régiment de Poitiers
Born 5th August 1867
Died on 9th May 1915 aged 47
Colonel Devuns had taken command of his Regiment (A French Regiment was composed of three battalions) on 24th March 1915.

On the opening day of the 2nd Battle of Artois the 125e RI attacked Mazingarbe from the west. That evening at 2030 hours he was in his HQ when it was struck by a shell killing him and wounding six other officers.

Grave: French Plot 1

Soldat Léopold Billaud

Soldat Léopold Billaud
149e Régiment d’infanterie
Born 3rd March 1911
Died on 19th May 1940 aged 29
A native of Mazingarbe

Died of wounds during the Battle for Arras

Soldat André Legrand

Soldat André Legrand
23e Régiment d’infanterie coloniale
Born 12th October 1926
Died on 7th April 1945 aged 18
A native of Aix Noulette

Killed by a bullet at Wolfort Weier in Germany

Matelot Fusilier Roland Duraisin

Matelot Fusilier Roland Duraisin 2477 C 47
Le commando François
Died on 10th June 1949

At Cap St Jacques, Cochinchine (Indochine)


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