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Webmatters : Map of the general area around Thiepval and the Leipzig Redoubt


General map Thiepval

Map: The Somme

Map: Beaumont Hamel and the Ancre | Map: 36th Ulster Division: Schwaben Redoubt

The Ancre 1st July 1916 | The Ancre 13th November 1916

The Ulster Tower | The Ulster Tower — The Trenches

Thiepval Village | Thiepval 1st July 1916 | Thiepval Visitors’ Centre

The 18th Division Monument

The Cemeteries

Ancre British Cemetery | Stump Road Cemetery | Grandcourt Road Cemetery

Hamel Military Cemetery | Connaught Cemetery | Mill Road Cemetery | Thiepval Memorial

Aveluy Wood Cemetery | Lonsdale Cemetery | Authuile Military Cemetery