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Villers Station Cemetery


Villers-au-Bois is a village in the Department of the Pas-de-Calais, 11 kilometres north-west of Arras. The Cemetery is about two kilometres north-west of the village along a track from the Villers-au-Bois to Servins road (D65).

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Villers Station Cemetery

You drive passed the old railway station


Historical Information

This cemetery was begun by the French but was used by Commonwealth divisions and field ambulances from the time they took over this part of the front in July 1916 until September 1918.

It is associated particularly with the Canadian Corps whose headquarters were nearby and many of the graves in Plots V to X date from April 1917 and the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Villers Station Cemetery

After the Armistice, a few graves were brought in from isolated positions in the neighbourhood and in June 1923, the French graves were removed, the great majority to Notre Dame-de-Lorette French National Cemetery.

Villers Station Cemetery now contains 1,208 Commonwealth burials of the First World War and 32 German war graves. The cemetery was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield.

Villers Station Cemetery

Thirty-two unknown German soldiers


Lt Colonel Arnold Kemball CB DSO

Lt Colonel Arnold Kemball CB DSO
54th Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 1st March 1917 aged 56
Son of Major General J Kemball
of Wrotham, Kent, England
Husband of Alvilda Kemball
of Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada
Formerly Colonel of the 5th Gurkha Rifles
(Indian Army). Retired 1910

Grave: VI E 1

Lt Colonel Samuel Beckett

Lt Colonel Samuel Beckett
75th Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 1st March 1917
Son of Edward and MaryBeckett
of Toronto
Husband of Florence Beckett
of 404, Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Grave: VII D 1

Major James Langstaff

Major James Langstaff
75th Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 1st March 1917 aged 33
Son of James and Louisa Langstaff
of 604, Huron St., Toronto
Born at Richmond Hill, Ontario

Grave: VII D 2

I shall arrive
What time
What circuit first
I ask not

Private Clifford Eastman

Private Clifford Eastman 725093
38th Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 11th April 1917 aged 16
Son of Carmi and Ellen Eastman
of Cornwall, Ontario

Grave: VII J 14

Private Fridfrimiur Johannsson

Private Fridfrimiur Johannsson 229352
44th Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 3rd February 1917 aged 24
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Krist jan Johann Johannsson
of Mikkalina Fridfinnsdotter, Iceland

Grave: V B 14

Lieutenant, The Honourable Charles Molesworth

Lieutenant, The Honourable
Charles Molesworth
1st Bn Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
Died on 15th April 1917 aged 19
Son of Viscount and Viscountess Molesworth
of Shalimar Chertsey Lane, Staines

Grave: IX A 13

Private John Starinsky

Private John Starinsky 200155
Served as J P Smith
54th Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 6th September 1917 aged 17
Son of Joseph and Ursula Starinsky
of London, England

Grave: XI A 2

Lt Colonel Heber Moshier

Lt Colonel Heber Moshier
11th Field Ambulance
Canadian Army Medical Corps
Died on 29th August 1918

Grave: XII C 1

Private Alfred Price

Private Alfred Price 231703
50th Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 28th Setember 1917 aged 17
Son of Alfred and Flora Price
of Langton Ranch, Calgary, Alberta
Native of England

Grave: XII A 13

1st Air Mechanic N Brain

1st Air Mechanic
N Brain 17094
11 Sqdn Royal Flying Corps
Died on 22nd October 1916

Gavrelle Memorial

Killed in action and buried by the enemy in Gavrelle Communal cemetery German Extension whose grave is now lost.

Captain Edwin Sinton MC

Captain Edwin Sinton MC
Royal Field Artillery
Died on 21st August 1918 aged 35
Husband of Mabel Sinton
of 54, St. Saviour’s Rd., St. Leonards, Sussex

Grave: XI C 19


Shot at dawn

Private Harold Carter

Private Harold Carter 454482
73rd Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 20th April 1917 aged 21
Son of George and Milly Carter
of 143, Cumberland St., Toronto, Ontario

Grave: X A 7

Shot at Dawn for desertion

Having deserted once and been given a ten year prison sentence (suspended) Carter deserted again, managing to remain at large for five days before his capture and the almost inevitable result to his actions.

Private Edward Fairburn

Private Edward Fairburn 227098
18th Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 2nd March 1918 aged 23
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Fairburn
of 11, Maple St., St. Catherine’s, Ontario

Grave: XI B 23

Shot at Dawn for desertion

Deserted whilst serving near Vimy Ridge.

Private Frank Bateman

Private Frank Bateman 203313
1/4th Bn York and Lancaster Regiment
Died on 10th September 1918 aged 28
Son of Mr. C. Bateman
of 3, Kilton St., Sheffield

Grave: XII C 4

Shot at Dawn for desertion

In 1917 Bateman had gone absent and received a one year suspended prison sentence. He was then charged with having a self inflicted wound. In 1918 he deserted again and was given a fifteen year sentence — again suspended (so that he could be sent back to the front as opposed to sitting out the war in a cell). In July 1918 he deserted again. For the least time.

Private Stephen Fowles

Private Stephen Fowles 718566
44th Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 19th June 1918 aged 21
Son of Sarah and Stephen Fowles
of Winnepeg, Manitoba

Grave: XIII B 1

Shot at Dawn for desertion

Already under a suspended death sentence for desertion he went absent again.


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