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Webmatters : Maltzkorn Farm Crucifix at Hardecourt-aux-Bois
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Maltzkorn Farm Calvaire


The monument will be found off the D 64 midway between Guillemont and Montauban de Picardie.

Leaving Guillemont you will pass the Guillemont Road Cemetery and then take the minor road on your left just as you reach the Bois de Troncs (Trônes Wood — on your right). The calvaire is quite visible at the crest of the hill.

The Maltzkorn Farm Calvaire



The farm was named after the family founder Paulus Maltzkorn who had been born in Cologne in 1774, had served with the French and married a local girl, Marie-Anne Colombier.

The change in spelling by the Military may have stemmed from a wish to make it sound less German. Regardless of spelling the farm was completely destroyed in the fighting and the calvaire (crucifix) was erected by the family on the former site.

Trones Wood from Maltzkorn Farm

The view towards Trônes Wood. The 18th (Eastern) Division Monument is clearly visible

The farm provided the Germans with a superb view of the surrounding countryside as well as a solid fortified position. As the British approached Bernafay and Trônes Wood from Montauban they were under permanent surveillance by the farm’s garrison.

The position was opposite the junction between the British XIII Corps (On the north) and the French XX Corps and was thus attacked by both French and British troops throughout the end of July. The farm finally fell to the 2nd Bn Bedfordshire Regiment and the 153e RI on the 30th July 1916.


The Memorial

The Maltzkorn Farm Calvaire

Ici s’élévait la ferme Maltzkorn-Duclercq
détruite par les combats acharnés
qui furent livré à cet endroit du 1er juillet au 5 août 1916.

Here was the Maltzkorn-Duclercq farm
destroyed by the fierce battles
which took place here from 1st July to 5th August 1916.


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