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Rumaucourt is a village 22 km to the east of Arras to the north of the main road towards Cambrai.

From Arras take the Cambrai Road D 939 passing the Canadian Memorial at Dury. Pass through the hamlet of La Brioche and then turn left onto the D 19 following the sign posts for Rumaucourt (you will also see a sign for the cemetery).

You pass under the autoroute and on entering the village of Rumaucourt you will see the German Military Cemetery on the right amongst the trees.

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Rumaucourt Soldatenfriedhof

Historical Information

The German military cemetery at Rumaucourt was created in autumn 1916. The British in the second phase of the Battle of the Somme had reached the vicinity of Bapaume and Rumaucourt became the site of a number of German Military hospitals.

Rumaucourt Soldatenfriedhof

The first burials were from the hospitals and were casualties of both the Battle of Arras in April 1917 and later the Battle of Cambrai in November 1917. The German counterattack at Cambrai in December 1917 created further casualties.

More than 600 of the dead are from the battles in this area in the spring of 1918 and the fighting which began in August as the Germans retreated. The last burials were made in late August to mid September 1918.

In 1924 The French Military Authorities required a further 1,000 soldiers to be moved from eight surrounding localities into this cemetery (which explains why some of those buried are from 1919 – died of wounds or possibly the Spanish flu).

Rumaucourt Soldatenfriedhof

The walls and central monument are created from red Vosges sandstone but the permanent grave markers were only funded following the Second World War in the 1960’s.

There are now 2,618 individual graves within the cemetery. Among them, two war dead of the Austro-Hungarian Army.

Seven Jewish casualties have a conventional headstone as opposed to a cross.

Rumaucourt Soldatenfriedhof
Otto Josephy

Offz. Stellv Otto Josephy
4. Felda. R. 600
Died on 26th March 1917

Grave: 1/499

Schwirtzke and Oekerath

Wehrmann Ferdinand Schwirtzke
Died on 12th March 1919

Grave: 1/1279

Leutnant Arthur Oeckarath
Died on 31st August 1918

Grave: 1/1280