Rossignol Wood


Hébuterne is a village which lies about 20 kilometres south-west of Arras. Rossignol Wood Cemetery lies approximately one kilometre north-east of the village, on the road between Gommecourt and Puisieux (D6).

Immediately opposite the cemetery can be seen the large wood known as Rossignol Wood.

Historical Information

Within the wood there are still traces of the fighting.

German Bunkers

German Bunkers still line the wood

A shell

A shell just inside the woods edge: NEVER TOUCH anything !

A zig-zag of pathways

The edge of the wood is a zig-zag of pathways

Probably just storm damage

Probably just storm damage

Sheffield Memorial Park

The clump of trees on the horizon is the Sheffield Memorial Park
On the morning of 1st July 1916 troops there came under fire from Rossignol Wood


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