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Manitoba Cemetery


Caix is a village 24 kilometres east of Amiens, between the road to St Quentin and Roye. Manitoba Cemetery is situated between the village of Caix and Beaufort.

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Manitoba Cemetery

Historical Information

The village of Caix was captured by the Canadian Corps (1st Cavalry Division) on 8th August 1918. Manitoba Cemetery, so named because it contains a great number of graves of the 8th Canadian Battalion, raised at Winnipeg, was made by the 1st Canadian Division Burial Officer after the capture of the village.

The cemetery contains 120 burials and commemorations of the First World War. Seven of the burials are unidentified but a special memorial commemorates one casualty believed to be buried among the them.

Manitoba Cemetery
Private Wellington Dennis

Private Wellington Dennis 1009964
5th Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 9th August 1918 aged 24
Son of Mrs. J. Dennis
of Weyburn, Saskatchewan

Grave: C 3

The wind of death
For you has slain
Life’s flowers

Lieutenant Robert Allan

Lieutenant Robert Allan MC MM
14th Bn Canadian Infantry
Royal Montreal Regiment
Died on 11th August 1918 aged 22
Son of Robert and Mona Allan
of Weston, Ontario
Employee Bank of Montreal

Grave: C 9

Lance Corporal D Paish

Lance Corporal D Paish L/1995
17th Lancers
(Duke of Cambridge’s Own)
Died on 8th August 1918

Grave: A 25

Private John Watthews

Private John Watthews 799148
15th Bn Canadian Infantry
48th Highlanders of Canada
Died on 9th August 1918 aged 19
Son of Samuel Watthews
of Laurel Avenue, Islington, Ontario

Grave: E 1

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