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Warvillers Churchyard Extension


Warvillers is a village approximately 4 kilometres north of Bouchoir, a town on the main straight road from Amiens to Roye. The Churchyard is a little east of the village.

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Warvillers Churchyard

Come off at Bouchoir and take the road through Folies. Warvillers is the next village. The church is easily seen so drive towards it — bearing right. Park outside and on going through the gate go round to the right and through the next gate.

Warvillers Churchyard

Historical Information

The extension to Warvillers churchyard was made by fighting units in August 1918. It contains 48 Commonwealth burials of the First World War, three of which are unidentified. The extension was designed by W H Cowlishaw.

Warvillers Churchyard

One of those buried here is the famous Cree marksman Henry Norwest MM and Bar. He won his first Military Medal during the great Canadian victory at Vimy in April 1917.

Warvillers Churchyard
Private Henry Norwest

435684 Private Henry Norwest MM and Bar
50th Bn Canadian Infantry
Alberta Regiment
Died on 18th August 1918 aged 30
Son of Mrs Genevieve Norwest,
of Sacred Heart, Alberta

Grave: A 30

Henry Norwest a French-Cree aboriginal (Métis) was born in Fort Saskatchewan on 1st May 1884. He worked as a ranch hand and rodeo performer before joining the battalion in 1915.

His natural ability to remain motionless for hours and his superb camouflaging techniques made him ideally suited to the task of Battalion Sniper.

He felt that with such abilities it was his duty to undertake such a dangerous role, often well out in front of his own trenches. At the Pimple during the attack on Vimy Ridge he dispatched so many German snipers that he won a Military Medal for his efforts.

…showing great bravery, skill and initiative in sniping the enemy after the capture of the Pimple. By his activity he saved a great number of our men’s lives.

In 1918 he would earn a bar to his medal — again for his abilities as a marksman and making himself the Battalion record holder at 115 accredited kills.

Private W Sattenstall

Private W Sattenstall 301687
14th Bn Tank Corps
Died on 9th August 1918 aged 35
Son of Thomas and Kate Sattenstall, of Leeds
Husband of Beatrice Sattenstall
of 58, Spring St. West, Burley Rd., Leeds

Grave: A 18

Private Cyril Merrin

Private Cyril Merrin 799834
15th Bn Canadian Infantry
48th Highlanders of Canada
Died on 9th August 1918 aged 21
Son of Henry and Annie Merrin
of 23, Helena Avenue, Toronto

Grave: B 5

Private Ernest Tompkins

Private Ernest Tompkins 80704
Essex Yeomanry, Attached
Queen’s Own Oxfordshire Hussars
Died on 10th August 1918 aged 20
Son of Herbert and Martha Tompkins
of 8, Cromer Rd., Southend-on-Sea

Grave: B 11

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