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Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery


Warlincourt and Saulty are villages on either side of the main road (N25) between Arras (22 kilometres) and Doullens (13 kilometres). Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery is situated just off the north side of the road.

Coming from Arras the cemetery is tucked behind a wood but large signs clearly indicate the access lane 200 metres before the site coming from either direction. There is not a great deal of space at the front of the cemetery to park a vehicle.

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Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery

Historical Information

The site of the cemetery was chosen in May 1916. It was used from June 1916 to May 1917 by the 20th and 43rd Casualty Clearing Stations, in February 1917 by the 1/1st South Midland, and from April to June 1917 by the 32nd.

The whole of plots VII, VIII, IX and X were filled in April and May 1917, the months of the Battles of Arras.

Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery

From June 1917, the cemetery was practically unused until the fighting of May and June 1918, when field ambulances buried in it. After the Armistice the cemetery was increased by graves brought in from the small military cemeteries at Gaudiempre, La Herlière and Couturelle.

The cemetery now contains 1 265 Commonwealth burials of the First World War. There are also 29 German and two French war graves.

The cemetery was designed by Charles Holden.

Lieutenant Geoffrey Bache Smith

Lieutenant Geoffrey Bache Smith
19th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
Died on 3rd December 1916 aged 22
Younger son of Thomas and Ruth Smith,
of Grove Crescent, West Bromwich

Grave: III G 2

A close friend and fellow writer of the author JRR Tolkien.

Private George Clarke

Private George Clarke 3404
13th Kensington Bn
London Regiment
Died on 4th July 1916 aged 19
Son of George and Blanche Clarke of 14, Mercer Row, Louth, Lincs

Grave: II D 14

Private Frank White

Private Frank White 2667
1/5th Bn Cheshire Regiment
Died on 2nd July 1916 aged 17
Son of William and Jane White, of Churton, Chester

Grave: II D 3

Lt Colonel Percy Lloyd Jones

Lt Colonel Percy Lloyd Jones DSO
Royal Army Medical Corps
Died on 22nd December 1916 aged 40
Son of Mr and Mrs Lloyd-Jones
of Abbotshill, Great Malvern, Worcs
Queen’s South African Medal (3 clasps)
Italian Red Cross Medal for services
in the Messina Earthquake (1908)
British Red Cross Medal, Balkan War (1912-13)
Order of the Crown of Italy

Grave: III H 3

Private Thomas Holland

Private Thomas Holland 2018
1/5th Bn Staffordshire Regiment
Died on 1st October 1916 aged 17
Son of Alfred and Avis Holland,
of Linden Square, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent

Grave: III B 2

Gunner George Paisley

Gunner George Paisley 28875
14th Heavy Battery
Royal Garrison Artillery
Died on 5th April 1917
Born in Naas Co Kildare and enlisted in Dublin

Grave: V H 11

Private Joseph Hearn

Private Joseph Hearn 202947
1/7th Bn Middlesex Regiment
Died on 13th April 1917 aged 17
Son of Thomas and Cecilia Hearn,
of 59, Milton Avenue, Harlesden, London

Grave: VIII F 7

There are three Shot at Dawn casualties within the cemetery

Private Thomas Brigham

Private Thomas Brigham 300199
1/10th Bn Manchester Regiment
Died on 4th June 1918 aged 22
Son of Thomas Brigham, of 57, Middlewood Street,
Harpurley, Manchester, Lancs

Grave: XI C 15

Shot at Dawn for desertion

Thomas Brigham had joined the Territorial Army before the war and had then offered to serve overseas. He was sent out to Egypt in September 1914 and then served during the Dardanelles Campaign in 1915.

In 1917 the 42nd Division (Of which his battalion was a part) was sent back to France. The change to the Western Front does not appear to have sat well with Brigham who deserted twice that year. He was given a suspended death sentence but this did not prevent him from deserting again in 1918. His third offence of desertion put him before a firing squad at Warlincourt.

Private William Earl

Private William Earl 41643
1/7th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
Died on 27th May 1918 aged 22
Son of George and Lillian Earl, of 14, Earl St., Lower Broughton, Manchester

Grave: XII B 10

Shot at Dawn for desertion

William Earl had been conscripted into the Army and having arrived in France promptly deserted. He was captured within a short time, tried, condemned and shot.

Lance Corporal Frederick Hawthorne

Lance Corporal Frederick Hawthorne 9541
1/5th Bn South Staffordshire Regiment
Died on 11th August 1916 aged 22

Grave: XII C 8

Shot at Dawn for cowardice

Frederick Hawthorne had served on the Western Front since March 1915 and had taken part in the opening day of the Battle of the Somme (1st July 1916) where his battalion like so many others suffered a high casualty rate.

Hawthorne was later detailed for a trench raid against the German trenches. The night was a bright one and Hawthorne complained to the officer leading the raid that it would be unwise to attempt the mission whilst visibility was so clear.

Although some others in the party held a similar view the raid took place – Hawthorne however went absent. He was subsequently charged with cowardice (A fairly rare indictment during the war) and the additional charge of causing alarm and despondency. He was tried on the 31st July 1916 and found guilty.