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Thélus Military Cemetery


Thélus is a village in the Department of the Pas-de-Calais, west of the N17 Arras-Lens main road and 6.5 kilometres north of Arras. Thélus Military Cemetery is approximately 300 metres west of the N17, located in the open country, about 50 metres north of Thélus village.

There is a small area on the cemetery side of the road on which it would be possible to park (that is coming in towards Arras). This is a busy road so if coming out of Arras continue a little further and turn around at the next junction.

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Thélus Military Cemetery

Wheelchair access is difficult

Historical Information

The village, which stands on the Vimy Ridge, was captured by the Canadian Corps on the 9th April 1917, and it remained in British hands until the end of the War.

The oldest part of Thélus Military Cemetery is a large grave, originally called CB 8 and now forming Plot II, which was made after the capture of the Ridge. The numerous groups of graves made about this time by the Canadian Corps Burial Officer were, as a rule, not named, but serially lettered and numbered.

The remaining Plots were made by fighting units from June 1917 to September 1918, except for Plot IV and part of Plot V, which were brought in from the battlefields of Vimy and Thélus after the Armistice.

There are now nearly 300, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, over 30 are unidentified.

The cemetery covers an area of 1,459 square metres and the access path an additional area of 357 square metres. It is enclosed by a red brick wall.

Thélus Military Cemetery

Two Brothers

Signaller Henri Denis

Signaller Henri Denis 416566
22nd Bn Canadian Infantry
Quebec Regiment
Died on 24th September 1917 aged 22
Son of Adolphe and Adele Denis
of 570, Marie-Arme, Montréal

Grave: I E 4
Signaller Albert Denis

Signaller Albert Denis 61330
22nd Bn Canadian Infantry
Quebec Regiment
Died on 24th September 1917 aged 27
Son of Adolphe and Adele Denis
of 570, Marie-Arme, Montréal

Grave: I E 5

Private Ernest Leach

Private Ernest Leach 235974
2nd Bn East Lancashire Regiment
Died on 18th August 1918 aged 31
Husband of Constance Leach
of 42 Stowell St, Weaste, Salford, Manchester

Grave: V D 1

In a foreign land he lies
Ever mourned
By those in England

Private Herbert Morrison

Private Herbert Morrison 23264
2nd Bn King’s Own Scottish Borderers
Died on 9th April 1917 aged 28
Son of Thomas and Allison Morrison
of Dumfries

Grave: I A 6

A Loreburn

Close to the town of Dumfries was a marsh, through which, ran the Loreburn whose name became the rallying cry of the town in times of attack — A Lore Burne (meaning to the muddy stream).

Serjeant Charles Riley

Serjeant Charles Riley 124319
24th Bn Canadian Infantry
Quebec Regiment
Died on 9th April 1917 aged 21
Only son of Minta and the late Lawrence Riley
of Inwood, Ontario,

Grave: II B 6

Easter Morn

Reminding us of which day the battle of Arras opened

Lance Corporal Svend Rose

Lance Corporal Svend Rose 186231
24th Bn Canadian Infantry
Québec Regiment
Died on 9th April 1917 aged 22
Son of Kontorchy Rose
of Faxe Ladyslads, Denmark

Grave: II B 10

Velsignet Er Dit Minde

Blessed is your memory

Private William Sharp

Private William Sharp 839115
4th Bn Canadian Mounted Rifles
Died on 14th March 1918 aged 24
Son of William and Alice Sharp
of Flesherton, Ontario

Grave: III A 5

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