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Upton Wood Cemetery


Hendecourt-lès-Cagnicourt is a village in the Department of the Pas-de-Calais about 16 kilometres south-east of Arras and about 4 kilometres south of the Arras to Cambrai main road. Upton Wood is a small wood half-way between Hendecourt and Haucourt, and Upton Wood Cemetery is 110 metres south of the wood and about 2 kilometres north of the village.

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Upton Wood Cemetery

Historical Information

Hendecourt-les-Cagnicourt was captured by the 57th (West Lancashire) and 52nd (Lowland) Division on the night of 1st-2nd September 1918.

Upton Wood (an army name) was captured on 30th August 1918 by the 1st Canadian Division and the cemetery was made immediately afterwards. Upton Wood Cemetery contains 226 burials and commemorations of the First World War.

Eight of the burials are unidentified but there is a special memorial to one casualty known to be buried among them.

Upton Wood Cemetery

The cemetery was designed by G H Goldsmith.

If you look across the valley you will see a large hillock known as the Crow’s Nest.
This was the scene of an assault made by the 15th Bn CEF (48th Highlanders of Canada) on the 1st September 1918. Their Monument is located at the side of the road at the bottom of the mound.

Upton Wood Cemetery Upton Wood Cemetery

Students from Sudbury and Bear Creek Secondary Schools in Canada
During their 95th Anniversary of Vimy pilgrimage in April 2012

Private Arthur Hellinger

Private Arthur Hellinger 1045179
15th Bn Canadian Infantry
Central Ontario Regiment
Died on 1st September 1918 aged 24
Son of Bertha Hellinger and the late M Hellinger
of 355, 11th St, Portland, Oregon, USA

Grave: D 36

Private H Nickells

Private H Nickells 9947
1st Bn Royal Munster Fusiliers
Died on 2nd September 1918

Grave: F 22

Private Robert Chalmers

Private Robert Chalmers 2355888
5th Bn Canadian Infantry
Saskatchewan Regiment
Died on 1st September 1918 aged 37
Son of Robert Chalmers (Hon. Lt Bengal Sappers)
and his wife, Catherine Barret

Grave: E 20

Six brothers in all
Answered the call
One crippled, three killed

Private Thomas MacWatt

Private Thomas MacWatt 1075140
1st Bn Canadian Infantry
Western Ontario Regiment
Died on 30th August 1918 aged 29
Son of Francis and Annie MacWatt
of Bedford, Halifax Co, Nova Scotia
Native of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Grave: D 12

Short Days ago
Lived felt dawn
Saw sunset grow
Loved and was loved

From John McCrea’s In Flanders Fields

Private Urban Zettel

Private Urban Zettel 651041
1st Bn Canadian Infantry
Western Ontario Regiment
Died on 30th August 1918 aged 24

Grave: B 16

Serjeant H Gougeon

Serjeant H Gougeon MM 657602
1st Bn Canadian Infantry
Western Ontario Regiment
Died on 30th August 1918

Grave: B 14

From the Visitors’ Book November 2009

France, August 17th 1918
My dear sister, I received your welcome letter some time ago, but it seems I can never keep up my correspondence or remember who I owe letters to, but if I have already answered your letter I don’t think you will mind an extra and I guess you will all be pretty anxious at this particular time. I haven’t seen or heard from Phil for a long time and am beginning to feel anxious myself. Mabel had a letter from him since I heard from him, he had been sick but was all OK when he wrote to her.

I had a letter from Mary a few days ago she seems to be doing well out west I guess she is done with the east now. I am glad your babies are doing well Phil will be quite a big boy by now. If I stay out here much longer I will be going home to a meet a young lady instead of my baby girl. God knows I wish I could see them now I expect Mabel will be nearly crazy now but she does pretty well. She sent me a dandy photo of herself the other day and believe me I treasure it more than anything I have…

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