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Quebec Cemetery


Chérisy is a village and commune in the Department of the Pas-de-Calais, a little South of the straight main road (D939)from Arras to Cambrai.

Take the D38 from Chérisy to Hendecourt. Approximately 2 kilometres from Chérisy turn left just before Sun Quarry Cemetery onto a dirt track. Continue for 1 kilometre before turning left to arrive at Quebec Cemetery.

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Quebec Cemetery

Historical Information

Chérisy village was captured by the 18th Division on 3 May 1917, but lost the same night. It then remained in German hands until it was retaken by the Canadian Corps on 27 August 1918.

Quebec Cemetery

Quebec Cemetery was made by fighting units and those buried there, mainly men of the 22nd and 24th Battalions Canadian Infantry (both from Quebec), were killed between 26 August and 28 September 1918.

Quebec Cemetery contains 195 First World War burials, 12 of them unidentified.

The cemetery was designed by G H Goldsmith.

Quebec Cemetery

Valley Cemetery to the left and Vis en Artois to the right

Private Le Roy Whynott

Private Le Roy Whynott 282897
85th Bn Canadian Infantry
Died on 1st September 1918

Grave: A 41

Private S James

Private S James 2537468
14th Bn Bn Canadian Infantry
Royal Montreal Regiment
Died on 2nd September 1918 aged 39
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas James
of 23, Chestnut St., Worcester, England

Grave: A 35

Private G Gravel

Private G Gravel 660880
22nd Bn Canadian Infantry
Quebec Regiment
Died on 28th August 1918 aged 24
Son of Napoleon and Delima Gravel
of Glen Robertson, Ontario.

Grave: D 2

Lieutenant Louis Vien

Lieutenant Louis Vien
22nd Bn Canadian Infantry
Quebec Regiment
Died on 27th August 1918 aged 34
Son of Lt. Col. G. S. Vien, and his Wife, Marie Martin
of Lauzon, Levis
Husband of Yvonne Vien
of Rue Des Marchands, Levis, P.Q., Canada.

Grave: C 6

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