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Sauchy-Cauchy Communal Cemetery


Sauchy Cauchy is a village in the Department of the Pas de Calais, 3 km north of the main Arras to Cambrai road (D939) and about 4 km from Marquion.

The Communal Cemetery is located in the Rue de l’Égalite alongside the Canal du Nord.

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Sauchy-Cauchy Communal Cemetery

Historical Information

The village of Sauchy-Cauchy was captured by the 56th (London) Division on the 27th September, 1918.

This cemetery contains the graves of two casualties of the First World War, one of which is unidentified.

Sauchy-Cauchy Communal Cemetery Extension

The CWGC Extension is alongside

An Airman of the Great War

An Airman of the Great War

Grave: 1

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