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Webmatters : 38th (Welsh) Division Memorial at Mametz Wood
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38th (Welsh) Division


The 38th (Welsh) Division Memorial

Today the red dragon of the 38th (Welsh) Division looks out across the fields towards the southern end of the Mametz wood.

It is reached via a lane leading off the road between Fricourt and Contalmaison.

It is sign posted from Mametz village. Remembering that you are looking for signs with Pays de Galles or Mémorial Gallois on them.

Coming from Contalmaison the junction is very easily missed as it is only sign posted from the one direction. You will however see the track leading off to your left as you come up the rise into the village of Mametz.

Take great care coming out onto the main road again. In theory this is a Priority from the right junction — but prudence should be exercised.

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On 1st July 1987 the South Wales Branch of the Western Front Association, inaugurated the memorial to the 38th (Welsh) Division in the form of a red Welsh Dragon tearing at barbed wire.

It is now looked after by the CWGC who are contracted to give him a new coat of paint every five years from 2007.

The iron dragon was created and forged by David Peterson of Carmarthen and stands on a granite plinth around which are carved the three regimental crests together with an inscription in Welsh.

Looking towards Mametz Wood

Although the outlines of the woods have changed over the intervening years, they have not done so by such a great amount that standing by the Red Dragon you cannot easily imagine the rows of khaki clad men streaming forward across the exposed valley into the storm from the wood.

The road down to the memorial is much improved and there is now a turning circle at the far end.

The 38th (Welsh) Division Memorial

A lot of work has gone into keeping the Memorial in neat and tidy order and daffodils are planted each year to brighten the mound.

Royal Welch Fusiliers

In the Dantzig Alley Cemetery in the Village of Mametz you will find memorials to the Royal Welch Fusiliers.

From the back wall of the cemetery you can look down and over Mametz Wood.