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Webmatters : The Lochnagar Mine at La Boisselle
Rough Map of Area


La grande mine

Lochnagar is now privately owned and you can visit this enormous crater quite easily from the village of La Boisselle. Simply follow the signs for: La Grande Mine.

It was created by the largest charge of explosives along the front that morning: 60,000 lbs (27,000 kilos) of ammonal explosive. This is the largest mine crater ever made by man against an enemy.

The crater should not be entered as the sides are quite dangerous. There are a number of small memorials around the edge of the crater and the large cross at its entrance is made from church timber that originated on the Tyne.

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The Lochnagar Crater

Poppies are thrown in every 1st July

When it exploded the mine created a hole almost 30 metres deep and a 100 metres across with debris being thrown a kilometre into the sky.

Each year at 0730 hours on the 1st July the Friends of Lochnagar hold a service of remembrance up at the cross. The service is informal and probably the better for it, but arrive early for there are a goodly number who arrive each year.