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Webmatters : Lorette and Vimy 1914
Rough Map of Area

Artois 6th October 1914

Map : Artois 6th October 1914

The loss of Lorette and Vimy ridges in 1914

It was too late for the French. Realising that they were being outflanked they fell back to a line to the west of Neuville Saint Vaast and Carency. Vimy in effect had been gifted to the Bavarians.

Les Armées françaises dans la Grande guerre

Si la journée du 5 octobre n’a pas apporté au général de Maud’huy toutes les satisfactions sur lesquelles il comptait, du moins lui a-t-elle montré l’intérêt qu’aurait la Xe armée à maintenir son attitude offensive, notamment en poussant à fond l’attaque sur Lens.

The losses of the Lorette and Vimy ridges are not even mentioned and the supposed interest of continuing the 10th Army’s attack on Lens had in reality been consigned to the realms of make-belief. Orders for attack were issued but the units retreated before overwhelming German forces.

Continued, 10th October 1914.