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Webmatters : 1st Canadian Division memorial at Thélus
Rough Map of Area

1st Canadian Division


Thélus is a village 7 kilometres north of Arras and Bois-Carré British Cemetery is one kilometre east of the village on the south side of the D49 road to Bailleul-sire-Berthoult.

A short distance away is the Bois Carre British Cemetery.

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1st Canadian Division cross at Thelus


The cross marks the area of final objective of the 1st Canadian Division during its assault on Vimy Ridge. On the far right of the Canadian Corps that day, it had the furthest to advance before actually reaching the ridge.

1st Canadian Division : second advance

The final attack by the 1st Canadian Division — the cross is situated just to the right of Bois Carré

The Cross

The base carries the inscription :

In proud memory of all soldiers of the 1st Canadian Division who fell in the investment, assault and defence of Vimy Ridge, March 4th, April 9th, July 23rd, AD 1917. This mark is set by their comrades in arms. Gloria in excelsis deo. Christmas 1917.