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Sheffield City Battalion

The Sheffield Memorial

Sheffield City Battalion Monument

To the memory of the Officers and Men
Of the 12th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment
Sheffield City Battalion
Who fell before Serre 1916

Following the war Serre was adopted by the City of Sheffield and it was decided to erect a monument to the men of the City Battalion on the main street where some of their bodies had been found long after the battle had ended.

The monument was re-dedicated on the 90th Anniversary of the battle — 1st July 2006.

For an outline on the formation of the Pals and the attack on the village:

The French had also suffered great losses in trying to take the village the year before.

In fact the village never fell to the Allies in battle.

Sheffield Memorial Park

Serre : Sheffield Park and cemeteries

Looking towards the Sheffield Memorial Park

Not far away and surrounded by small cemeteries is the Sheffield Memorial Park. It is the only section of the battlefield preserved by the British and serves as a memorial to all the Pals of 31st Division.
The strength of the Pals had been their sense of community.

Perhaps a weakness was the grief and huge sense of loss back home when so many men from the one area died on that single day.

Black curtains were to be found on every street. Everybody knew somebody that had a connection with one of the dead.

Some of those communities may never have fully recovered.

A few kilometres to the south, another Battalion, made up of volunteers from a fishing community, had been annihilated within the space of 30 minutes.

In Newfoundland, as in many parts of Britain and Ulster, towns and villages were in mourning.