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Webmatters : La Targette British Cemetery, Neuville-Saint-Vaast
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La Targette British Cemetery


Neuville-St Vaast is a village 6.5 kilometres north of Arras, a little east of the road from B├ęthune to Arras. La Targette British Cemetery lies to the south-west of the village on the north-west side of the road to the village of Maroeuil (D55).

Two things to note if asking for directions: St Vaast (The patron saint of Arras) is pronounced without the -st so it sounds like vaa. Targette is pronounced Tar-zhette because in French G before E is pronounced as a soft J.

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La Targette British Cemetery

11,000 French soldiers lay beside the British Cemetery

Historical Information

La Targette British Cemetery is in the Western angle of the cross roads at Aux-Rietz, and behind it is the large French National Cemetery of La Targette, formed largely by concentration from smaller burial grounds.

The British Cemetery formerly known as Aux-Rietz Military Cemetery, was begun at the end of April 1917, and used by Field Ambulances and fighting units until September 1918; and sixteen graves were brought in from the immediate neighbourhood after the Armistice.

La Targette British Cemetery

The cemetery contains 638 First World War burials, 41 of them unidentified. There are also three Second World War burials, two of which are unidentified.

Nearly a third of the graves have an artillery connection.

In March-April 1917, the artillery of the 2nd Canadian and 5th Divisions, and certain heavy artillery units, had their headquarters in a deep cave at Aux-Rietz.

The 21st Canadian Infantry Battalion erected a wooden memorial in the cemetery to their dead of April 1917.

The cemetery covers an area of 2,852 square metres and is enclosed by a stone curb on two sides, and on the other two by a low rubble wall.

The cemetery was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield.

Private A Crane

Private A Crane 40512
15th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment
(Prince of Wales’s Own)
Died on 20th August 1917 aged 28
Husband of Helen Crane, of II, Park Row, Selby

Grave: I H 7

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