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Webmatters : Lorette and Vimy 1915
Rough Map of Area

Artois 9th May 1915

Artois 9th May 1915

The ground gained on the 9th May 1915

Général Foch was quick to note that the problem was the lack of artillery. He requested an increase in artillery for a great offensive on 9th May 1915 — in which Général Barbot would be killed, he is buried at Lorette and his statue can be seen in Souchez.

The Moroccan Division Memorial on Vimy Ridge

The Moroccan Division Memorial is opposite the car park at the Canadian Memorial

For a few hours the Division marocaine (Moroccan Division — made up of French colonial troops and the French Foreign Legion, but no actual Moroccan units) held Hill 140 but the German reserves were more immediately to hand and the French had to abandon the site that would eventually become the Canadian memorial.