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Webmatters : The Ulster Tower and the 36th Ulster Division
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The Ulster Tower

Commemoration Services

There are two short services of commemoration held at the Ulster Tower every year.

The first is held in the early afternoon of the 1st July, and the second on the morning of Armistice.

The 1st July is an important date on the Ulster Calender and the service brings politicians and servicemen alike to the Tower. The odd Orange sash will be seen but you will also hear lots of French voices as well.

Everybody is more than welcome to come along.

Of course even in July there is the risk that putting so many people from the Emerald Isle together in the one field will bring on the rain.

Unlike Saturday 1st July 1916 which was an absolute scorcher of a summer’s day in recent years we have seen our fair share of the wet stuff.

July 2012

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On the opposite side of the Ancre and within view of the tower you can see Ancre Cemetery where many of the Royal Irish Fusiliers are buried following their attack on the 1st July 1916.

Within the immediate area