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Oeuilly French National Cemetery


Œuilly is a village situated on the D 925 between Pontavert and Vailly-sur-Aisne.

The Nécropole Nationale is sign posted off the D 925 on the western outskirts of Œuilly heading towards Bourg-et-Comin.

This is a reasonable track but note that there is a sharp right hand turn up a wee slope to get to the cemetery gates.

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Nécropole Nationale d'Œuilly

Historical Information

The cemetery was created in 1917 at the side of a casualty clearing station. It covers an area of 6,613 sq metres. The cemetery was replanted in both 1922 and 1925 and now contains 1,159 French graves.

Nécropole Nationale d'Œuilly

The cemetery with the Chemin des Dames ridge in the background

Monument to Joseph Villepelet

Joseph Villepelet

Within the cemetery is this small monument dedicated to the soldiers of the 163e Régiment d’Infanterie and in particular; Alfred Joseph Villepelet a soldier of the Regiment who was killed fighting in the Franconie Trench at Troyon on the 13th August 1917.

Born on 9th March 1896 he would have been in the Classe of 1916 (on reaching 20) and eligible for Military Service.

His regiment had earned the name of the Red Devils from the Germans during fighting on the Hartmannswillerkopf during the fighting on 25th March 1915.

Other cemeteries in the area

There are a number of possibilities from Œuilly.

If you have been following the proposed itinerary then continue following the D 925 towards Soissons. At Soupir you will find four large military cemeteries as well as CWGC Graves buried in the local churchyard.

Alternatively the D 925 in the opposite direction takes you towards Berry-au-Bac and the Autoroute.

There are three other possibilities from here as well, depending on what you have already done and the time available.

You can continue towards Bourg-et-Comin where you turn right onto the D 967 for Cerny and the British Cemetery at Vendresse.

If travelling towards Berry-au-Bac turn left at Beaurieux for Craonnelle.

Thirdly take the back roads via Pargnan towards Oulches-la-Vallée for some excellent views of the ridge and valleys from under the Caverne du Dragon.