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Soupir French National Cemetery No 2


Soupir is a village situated on the D 925 between Bourg-et-Comin and Vailly-sur-Aisne.

There are a number of Military Cemeteries in the village. Coming from the direction of Pontavert/Bourg-et-Comin this Nécropole Nationale, on the left, and its sister on the opposite side of the road are impossible to miss.

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Nécropole Nationale de Soupir No 2

Historical Information

This cemetery was commenced in 1934 when it was discovered that there wasn’t enough room for all the bodies that had been recovered in Soupir Military Cemetery No 1.

Two unknown British soldiers

Two unknown British soldiers rest in the cemetery

With the original cemetery full to capacity, a second cemetery was required for a further 2,000 soldiers, and the present cemetery was opened to receive them.

One of the Second World War Belgian Civilians

One of the Second World War Belgian Civilians

The cemetery now holds the remains of 2,829 soldiers and civilians killed during the First or Second World Wars.

There are 1,966 French soldiers from the First War in either individual or collective graves plus another 250 in a mass grave.

There are two unknown British soldiers, five Belgians, twenty-seven Russians and a single German.

In 1954 it was decided to bring in the remains of 545 French soldiers killed during the French Campaign of May-June 1940.

Then in 1988 the remains of thirty-three Belgian Civilians killed during the Second World War were brought in from the Communal Cemetery at Laon.

The cemetery is still open for further burials when required.

Nécropole Nationale de Soupir No 2

Nécropole Nationale de Soupir No 2

Soldaat Alfons J Maertens

Soldaat Alfons J Maertens
17e Linieregiment
Belgian Army
Born on 23rd December 1896
Died on 30th July 1919 aged 22

Andreev and Moscalov

Téléphoniste Vladimir Andreev
10e Régiment d’Infanterie
Died on 16 April 1917

Grave: 1739

Soldat Piotr Moscalov
10e Régiment d’Infanterie
Died on 16th April 1917

Grave: 1739

These two Russian soldiers appear to have been in the French 10th Infantry — who were not here in April 1917. So how they died on the 16th April 1917 I am not certain.

Other cemeteries in the area

A short distance further on towards Vailly-sur-Aisne will bring you to the Italian Cemetery at Mont Sapin.